About me

My name is Marius. For 20 years I have been working on a natural stone. It's my job and a hobby at the same time. Such a job does not tire me at all. After I get interested in the idea, the result simply appears in my hands. Creativity gives me great pleasure, and when the client appreciates it, I am simply overcome by joy.

Stone products made of marble and granite
Marble, granite, travertine, sandstone - the most popular, used in the interior. These materials can be used in various fields. From the shower wall and floor to the worktops and facade decoration.
The natural stone is processed differently to produce different surface finishes. Some of the most commonly used surfaces today are polished, sanded, acid treated, cut, burnt, laminated, or aged.

Stone is a great choice for a few reasons:
It is durable.
Very strong.
Resistant to fire.
Easy maintenance.
The stone is always fashionable.

I perform the stone finish and installation work, as well as provide the consulting services. At the client's request, I come to the sites all over Lithuania. At the individual request I make fireplace finish from marble and granite, kitchen table tops or coffee table, windowsills, stair steps and other products that suit your needs.
I am young, ambitious, and responsible. I guarantee quality and assume full responsibility for my products.

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