Marble and granite products that are used properly in the interior create an image of a luxurious and solid home. A marble or granite stone table top or bathroom decoration, stairs, fireplace or windowsills will definitely be noticed by every guest visiting a stylish home or office.
Products made of stone: fireplace decoration, kitchen table tops, bar table tops, coffee tables, bathroom decoration, window sills, stair steps, interior details, facade finish.

Briefly, what you should know about marble or granite.
These are the stones of different structures. Granite is stronger, more durable and more versatile, more suitable for working surfaces, such as kitchen table tops, because it is resistant to scratching and other environmental factors.
Marble is a softer raw material and is commonly used for bathroom or fireplace decoration, decoration of stairs and floors in the interior. Marble is also used in the manufacturing of kitchen table tops, but it is advisable not to cut on this surface as that can damage the stone's surface.
Both marble and granite products need to be properly maintained, like any other item.