Other stone products

Other stone products made of marble and granite

The production is made of high quality natural stone, which is supplied from Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, and Russian enterprises, which extract the stone of exceptional types. Stone products are manufactured using the latest technology and equipment of the world. Due to the professionalism of the craftsmanship, it is possible to create sophisticated stone products made of seamless structures, as well as relief surfaces with soft patterns, and the smallest decorative elements.

Stone products
I can make various columns, marble and granite balusters, stone sinks according to my drawings or customer sketches. I use raw materials from reliable suppliers, use modern technology, and guarantee the high quality of our products.

We produce various stone details, the prices of which favorably distinguish our company from competitors. An individual approach to the execution of each order allows our customers to receive natural marble or granite products without high cost.

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