Coffee tables made of natural stone

Coffee tables and tables made of marble and granite.

Products made of granite, marble, travertine and onyx are most commonly used in the kitchen and bathroom, but natural stone can also be used to make a dining table, a coffee tables, a bar, a desk, and many other things.
Tables or desks with decorative elements made of natural stone allow you to play with styles and create masterpieces for designers. People love stone patterns, gloss, and durability.

Coffee tables and tables
Shapes of marble table tops can be either straight or oval - depending on customer preferences. A suitable slab is made in the desired shape. If you want to create an oval shaped product, you need to remove the patterns of the life style.

Before making a table or a desk, it is very important for the customer to choose the correctly shaped profile (by processing the visible edge of the product). The thickness of the material can be formed according to the needs of the client. You also need to think about the color of the stone, because more rare shades need to be ordered in advance and this takes time. In addition to the popular shades of white, green, gray, pink, sand and cream colored stone, you can choose from the catalog that we provide.

In the photo gallery you will see products made of travertine, marble, and other natural stone. According to your sketches or drawings, a piece of natural stone will be made. What kind of shape you want to give your fantasy - really, we will deal with any task.
Tables made of natural stone are resistant to all types of contamination. Marble and travertine table tops look very rich and exclusive and can decorate any interior. In addition, care for such products is almost unnecessary.

However, despite the apparent strength and durability of such products, they need periodic maintenance. Thus, soft rocks must be impregnated with a water repellent agent 2-3 times a year. It is enough to treat solid marble surfaces no more than once a year.

We produce stone coffee tables and tables, the prices of which favorably distinguish our company from competitors. An individual approach to the execution of each order allows our customers to receive natural marble or granite tables without high cost.

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