Covering of graves with a stone slab

Covering of graves with marble and granite slabs.

As the pace of modern life is getting faster, it is hard to find time to take care of the graves of our relatives. This problem is especially relevant during the spring and summer, when the remains of the last year decaying vegetation are present on the grave, the weeds are blooming, or grave soil is wet. Due to various reasons, peoples who are able to visit the graves of the relatives rarely have plenty of works when they arrive. Of course, grave care service can be ordered in many funeral homes, and this is not expensive, but the quality of care is not always suitable. In addition, the grass quickly grows back, and the planted plants that are watered rarely, die.

Covering of graves
Covering of graves with a granite or marble slab quickly resolves such troubles. Perhaps, at first, a slightly larger investment prevents many people from this option, but over time, this solution seems to be the most appropriate.
Black and gray granite is often used in cemeteries almost everywhere, while other colors are quite rare. Combination of a dark shade with a lighter one can distinguish from other graves. White granite and marble tombstones are an elegant and subtle expression of love and respect, memory of the deceased.
It is difficult to see an inscription on white or light stone, but carved elements and tables adorn the relative's grave, which looks exceptionally. Covering of graves with a marble or granite stone slab frees up from the constant grave care and eternalize a deceased for a long time.

We produce stone slabs, the prices of which favorably distinguish our company from competitors. An individual approach to the execution of each order allows our customers to cover graves with slabs of natural marble or granite based on their financial means.

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