Stair steps made of stone

Stair steps are made of natural granite and marble

Stairs are not only an architectural element. Often the stair image becomes the main accent of the interior. Granite and marble stairs can be successfully combined with other interior elements made from various types of finishing materials. Stair steps from the natural stone provide the interior with an exclusive luxury, and more sophistication.

Natural stone is a material that can retain its properties for a long time. At the same time, the granite and marble stairs are strong and durable. Stair steps from stone are easily restored by sanding, and today's technologies allow restoring a spot that was damaged mechanically. But keep in mind that steps from natural stone also require special care.

Granite and Marble stair steps

Marble or granite can be definitely used both outside and inside the building. Natural stone stairs with wooden or metal handrails will always look exceptional and stylish.

Stairs can be not only straight but also have complex curved shapes. The latter fascinate with elegance, exclusivity, and reveal the peculiarities of designer or architect ideas, as well as create an interesting interior style.
The edges of the stair steps can be of different shapes. It all depends on the interior style, and designer's fantasy.

We produce stair steps, the prices of which favorably distinguish our company from competitors. An individual approach to the execution of each order allows our customers to acquire stair steps of natural marble or granite based on their financial means.

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